Transport information



Dear Participants of IFFA-2018

          The conference organizers have arranged a transport service to provide a safe,convenient passage for all IFFA delegates and participants. The conference shuttle minibus are available from the designated pickup points at Chiang Mai airport and Chiang Rai airport on Days 21 and 22 January 2018.

         The delegates and participants are picked up from the conference venue on 24 January (afternoon) and 25 January (morning) and dropped off at the respective International Airport. Volunteers and staff are available throughout the day to answer your questions.

          In case you are not able to catch the conference bus, you may travel from Chiangmai province to Phayao province (about 2.30 hrs.) by GREENBUS services ( Kindly book your Greenbus as per your convenience. At the airport, there is the rental car services. You can drive in your car from Chiangmai airport to Phayao within 2 hours (150 kilometers).

          Please keep a phone call at 66-864488073 (oversea call) or local call at 0864488073 in case of loss or delay of your flight or email to inform us.

          If you want to reserve for free shuttle bus, please state your time preference and flight number in the reservation form download form here and send us this form via email: by Dec 15, 2017. We will reserve it for you. After Dec 15, 2017, we are not guarantee any seat !!!!! Please book in advance.

          Please select one of the following pick up time and destination: Have a nice and safe journey.!

Date of departure Departure time of Bus to Phayao
From Chiang Mai From Chiang Rai International Airport
21st January 2018
10:20 am (Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport Department Store) 12:00 pm
10:30 am (Chiang Mai International Airport) 03:00 pm
03:20 pm (Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport Department Store) 06:30 pm
03:30 pm (Chiang Mai International Airport) -
22nd January 2018 10:00 am (Chiang Mai International Airport) -

The pickup points at Chiang Mai International airport.(Exit No. 12)

The pickup points at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport is at the fountain, the first floor next to local market food court.