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            University of Phayao focuses on the development into a comprehensive university with the emphasis on the mission to produce quality graduates of international standards and on the development of body of knowledge to bring strength to the community and happiness to the society as well as to provide crucial foundations of national development for sustainable competitiveness in the world community.

             University of Phayao is committed to distribute educational opportunities and equality to the people in the 7 provinces of the upper northern region, namely Phayao, Prae, Nan, Lampang, Lampoon, Chiang Rai, and Mae Hong Son, as well as to those in other regions, by providing instructions and learning of the fields of study that are in demand locally, regionally and nationally, in order to ensure employment for the graduates in all academic clusters, namely Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Social Sciences. University of Phayao is committed to important mission in the following 4 areas:

1.Production of Graduates
             University of Phayao has the main mission to develop human resources of all levels in accordance with Thailand Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TQF: HEd) with the emphasis on producing graduates who are complete with integrity, ethics, intellectual skills, interpersonal skills, responsibility, knowledge, and skills in numerical analysis, communication and information technology, so that they can work anywhere in the world. This is to be done simultaneously with the development of instructors’ potential and qualifications and the enhancement of academic standards. Future management of education promises a more diverse array of methodologies and formats. It is, therefore, necessary to promote a continuum of education of the target groups to include both the pre-labor market group and the one already in the labor market. This requires improvement of the instructional forms and methods, as well as revision of contents to keep pace with academic and professional advances.

             University of Phayao aims to promote Research and Development in order to bring about more complex forms of economic and social development; for example, research and development for modern industry that requires intellectual capital more than capitals of labor and raw materials, research to enhance the effectiveness of the use of resources and the restoration and preservation of the environment, industrial research, research in health sciences and the development of the public health service system, and social development research, etc. The university perceives the significance of this, and, therefore, emphasizes basic research in tandem with efficient applied research in different fields of study to bring about effective instructions and learning, higher quality of life and a long-term increase in the capability of true self-reliance. This calls for the development of research leaders who can operate in the environment of partnership and the encouragement of networking with well-known institutes both in and outside Thailand in order to precipitate the attainment of quality researchers of international standards.

3.Academic Services
             University of Phayao focuses on providing academic services in more diverse forms such as services for the development of education and quality of life and medical and public health services. In certain categories of services, the emphasis is put on educational institutes’ sources of income, especially services provided to target groups with high purchasing power such as those in the business and industrial sectors. There will also be considerations regarding investment collaborations with private sectors for certain types of academic services in order to arrive at specific goals. These collaborations will possibly be made with local government organizations in the upper-northern region and with private organizations in order to create strengths and to bring about acceptance from the general public.

4.Promotion of Art and Culture
             University of Phayao is committed to integrating cultures and participating in the economics of the world community. The promotion and preservation of art and culture in the Thai society provide a foundation for balanced development. This includes the study to understand the essence of being Thai in order to bring about the preservation of the differences in traditions and cultures and the uniqueness and dignity in living together in the world community. This can be done by promoting the desired culture and values and instill them in the individuals, organizations and society, making the promotion an important operative objective.

            University of Phayao focuses on the development into a comprehensive university with the emphasis on the mission to produce quality graduates of international standards and on the development of body of knowledge to bring strength to the community and happiness to the society as well as to provide crucial foundations of national development for sustainable competitiveness in the world community.

             1.To conduct instructions and learning that focus on making the students live and learn happily and enabling the graduates to be in employment and to be good citizens of the society.

             2.To conduct research works that focus on creating collective intelligence in order to stand by the community (supporting the concept of OUOP – One University One Province).

             3.To provide academic services that focus on the use of collective intelligence for community empowerment.

             4.To promote local wisdom, art, culture and environments so that they are recognized internationally. for community empowerment.

             5.To conduct the administration and management efficiently and effectively based on the principles of good governance.

             The university core values are based on 7 principles that will bring about organizational culture of mutual trust, learning organization and internationalization that respond to, promote, and become success factors for the attainment of the university determination statement and purposes. The university core values are as follows:

             1.Competence – Always give those who have high competence the first priorities: It is, therefore, the duty of every individual in the organization to constantly increase his/her knowledge and competency to promote competitiveness and leadership.

             2.Freedom – Enjoy the freedom to think and work to attain the goals: This is to promote excellence in the various fields of expertise.

             3.Justice – Always stand firm in righteousness and justice: Possessing integrity and code of ethics brings about respect and mutual trust.

             4.Generosity – Show generosity based on the idea that it is the "right" of the weak to be helped and the "duty" of the strong to help: This is to create the culture of living happily together.

             5.Team Learning and Working – Focus on learning from working and living: This is to create collective intelligence.

             6.Shared Vision – Possess shared vision of work: This is to create harmony and a learning organization.

             7.Local and Global Spirit – Work according to the principle stating that "the knowledge produced and employed must be of the global level, yet the spirit lies in serving Thai communities and societies: This is to create internationalization.

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