Highlight topics


1        Functional foods definition and the  status of functional foods in Asia and other countries

2        Bioactive compounds in foods for prevention and management of NCDs

3        Food bioactive substances: Antioxidants, pre-and pro-biotics, and omega fatty acids

4        Functional foods and obesity and diabetes

5        Functional foods and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)

6        Functional foods and cancer

7        The effects of nutrition and functional foods on aging and health

8        Safety and the bioactive compounds, nutraceuticals and functional foods

9        Current research and development of new functional foods and markets

Highlight topics

  • Global functional foods: Innovation management, the commercialization process
  • The effects of nutrition and foods against obesity, diabetes,  cardiovascular diseases, cancer and  aging
  • Waste to money: Megatrend for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical in the future
  • Asian traditional foods as functional foods
  • Traditional healthy foods and beverages : Tempe in Indonesia, giseng and kimchi in South Korea,  green tea in Japan 
  • Ingredient trends of functional foods 2018 : astraxanthine, omega-3 fatty acids, stevioside, 
  • Functional foods for brain memory and cognitive promotion
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics: Regulations and health claim
  • Probiotics for human health innovations, and emerging trends
  • Research trends in prebiotics and its applications
  • Regulation of dietary supplement in Thailand and Asia
  • Current situation and trends of functional foods in Asia
  • Trends in brain development studies of children supplemented with functional foods
  • Future research and development of new functional food
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